Let’s Dance!

Tribal bellydance draws on new and ancient dance traditions from cultures and countries around the world….. India, Middle East, North Africa, Spain, Balkan, Jazz, Hip Hop creating a contemporary fusion resonating with echoes of the past.

This dance is for women. It’s feminine, strong and intuitive. The circles we dance in create magical connections, freeing us, letting your body be in the moment! It’s exhilarating and beautiful……the music plays, hips sway , we feel the earth, reach for the moon!

As a dancer it’s important to be fit and healthy, we are looking to build strength in our bodies and grace in our soul. This dance is also about having a fabulous time, laughing out loud, lifting your spirits!

Beginning class focuses on learning the foundation steps and then drilling for a great energising workout! Tribal bellydance is a group based style, so once we know our foundation moves we can experiment with improvisation, connection and transitions within our circle. Stretching and breathing exercises are incorporated to enhance our self awareness and wellbeing.

Classes are held at our beautiful rainforest studio, the Temple…all welcome!

Our tribal style is based on the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® format created by Paulette Rees Denis. Paulette started her own dance style in the early 1990’s when she moved to Portland, Oregan.
I have been studying with Paulette and teaching the GCTB® format since 2006.

Now an accredited Master Teacher in the GCTB® format I hope to bring more dancing, training and community to women around Australia and beyond!

For more info on GCTB® go to: gypsycaravantribalbellydance

Beginners Tribal Bellydance Course

Learn a whole new language through dance, have a great time, meet some amazing people in your community…..our dance class comprises: feminine, earthy and ethnic tribal bellydance steps, gorgeous slow and elegant movements, drumming, basic zil pattern, tribal history,the delights of costuming, breathing and stretching exercises…

Please email or call: 0400116510 to find out more about classes and to reserve a space in our next course.


The Temple 73 Victory Creek Road, Vasa Views, Innisfail. 10 mins north of town centre.

Cost: $15 or 2 classes for $20

Monday Adv/troupe…5.30-7pm

TuesdayIntermediate/ open class….5.30-7pm

ThursdayBeginner drill and drop ins welcome…5.30-7pm

Nina’s accreditation in Paulette Rees-Denis’ GCTB format:

- Teacher Training Beginner’s Level 1 and 2
- Collective Soul Level 2
- Teacher Training Intermediate Level 2
– Collective Soul Level 3
- Teacher Training Intermediate Level 3
- Collective Soul Level 4
- Teacher Training Advanced Level 4
- Collective Soul Level 5
– Collective Soul Level 6
– Master Teacher Level 1
- Master Teacher Level 2

Dancing at the Temple!