Deluxe Tribal Belt #2Deluxe Tribal Belt #2
Deluxe Tribal Belt #2
Deluxe Tribal Belt #2

Deluxe Tribal Belt #2

- Silk Road Goddess-
Created from vintage Suzani,
[special pieces that I collect and hoard!] embellished with Kuchi shisha base, Indian textiles, embroidery, lace, mini tassels, coins and large amulet amulet discs.

These belts represent a tribal journey, the textiles and many components coming from lands of the Silk Road, that have come from dowry boxes, and womens circles…..that we then upcycle, repurpose so the story continues….

The Suzani embroidery is exquisite small hand stitching, and the fringing made knots in black wool – very good condition.

We have added long ties, the Deluxe belt can be worn front, side or to the back.

length: 99cm/39"Custom made sizes available…xx

Price: $145.00

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