Goddess Necklace #2Goddess Necklace #2
Goddess Necklace #2
Goddess Necklace #2

Goddess Necklace #2

Gorgeous Moon Goddess necklace with old Afghani silver pendant, beautifully decorated with fabulous chain and bells.

The beads are vintage Afghani white metal.

The necklace is made from threading and knotting the pendant and beads, allowing a little bit of magic to flow into the beads as I make it. I collect all the beads that inspire me for each pendant then start the process of what is going to work.

I leave quite a length of cord so that you can wear the piece above the heart or below.

I love the old feeling of this piece and was inspired by the shape of the waning moon…. and how the elements: fire, water, earth and air have all been used to create each piece in some way.

Each necklace is unique and designed to be noticed!


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