Workshops 2018

Upcoming dates for workshops, events, Collective Soul in 2018:

Temple workshops:
3 hour workshop at the Temple $40, lunch provided, 9:30-12:30.
Please bring your drum, zills, extra water, skirt and towel for all Temple workshops.

14 January 2018….all welcome, open workshop…Green Goddess inspiration!
11 February….beyond beginner, slow and sword.
11 March….spanish and skirts
8 April….Earth goddess and baskets
13 May….Technique, Intermediate
12 August….Indian
15 October….beyond beginner, slow and sword.
11 November…Earth goddess and baskets

HOBART 24 February workshops- Spanish/ Gypsy swing/ CS1

TOWNSVILLE 19-20 May, Carnivale of Curiosity, performance and workshops- Manton Madness/ Indian gypsy

WAMED 2-3 June workshops- ADV gypsy swing/Turkish Delight/CS1 & CS2/ performance

CAIRNS Tribal in the Tropics- 27-29 July CS1/TT1/CS4/soiree/ workshops