Hi! My name is Nina Martinez and my passion is Tribal Bellydance. I live and dance in a small town, called Innisfail in Far North Queensland, Australia. In the rainforest where I live we have built a studio dedicated to dance and community: The Temple -home of my tribe, Gypsyrain Tribal Bellydance.

The Temple is a sanctuary for women to dance and feel free: welcoming dancers from around the globe,to be a goddess, be themselves.

Our format is founded on the fabulous International teacher, motivator and dancer…..Paulette Rees Denis and her Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® format: this unique style is based on group improvisation, connection, the sacred feminine and original steps which have all been inspired by ethnic, folkloric and contemporary dance. We celebrate our circles around the globe!

Through this format I am endeavouring to establish a vibrant and dynamic Tribal Bellydance community within Australia. If you are looking to enrich your tribal dance knowledge please join me for the next Collective Soul, this is a GCTB certification course.

Come and experience this rich and enjoyable dance. Reach into your heart and feel the ancient dance rituals echo through your body,mind and spirit!

Have a browse through my amazing collection of Tribal goodness, check out some of my exciting workshops, hand made belts and bras, see what I have been up to with the Gypsy Caravan Dance Co.

Many of the beautiful tribal pieces for sale are from Pakistan, Afghanistan and their neighbouring states. The jewellery and Tribal belts are sourced directly from artisans and crafts people, so our exchange helps keeps people in work, families in business.