Workshop and CS Dates 2016

Upcoming dates for workshops, events, Collective Soul in 2016:

Temple workshops:
10th JAN….lets do an advanced, challenging workout session!
7th FEB…..all levels, focusing on zills and props and drumming!
6th MARCH…..lets do a session on those Indian moves..
3rd APRIL…..spanish gypsy , passion and grace!
1st MAY…..snappy hip combos and slow sword technique
3rd JULY….CS PREP all levels….
7th AUG…..all levels baskets and formations
6th NOV …all levels last workshop of the year….

Melbourne 13-17th April 2016
Collective Soul 1 & 2, workshops
Melbourne Workshop 3 hr: $75 {$60 for CS participants]

Brisbane 14 May 2016
Earth Magic/ Elegant shawls and skirts
Ipswich 15 May 2016 Combos and Formations

Perth 4-9th June 2016
WAMED Workshops 4-5th June
Collective Soul 1&3 6-9th

Tribal in the Tropics Workshops
Paulette Rees Denis
10-11th September 2016

Collective Soul 1 & 2, Innisfail 5-8th September
Collective Soul 3 /TT2 Innisfail Paulette Rees Denis 12-16th September