Fabulous Workshops

Ready to be challenged, excited and inspired? Using the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance format I have created some fabulous workshops to suit your tribe, group or event.

You will learn the craft of improvisation, skills synchronising you and your fellow dancers into a mesmerising flow of movement and dance.

Caravan Tribal Bellydance is a wonderfully feminine experience: earthy, rounded and sensuous steps that fit your body, listening to the goddess in our heart, bringing echoes of ancient dance to the modern woman!

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® – The Foundation
Refining and Defining of GCTB foundation steps and technique. These inspiring tribal bellydance moves form the foundation of this dance style. Learn the magic of incorporating these steps improvisationly. This workshop can be used as a review or in a combination of levels.

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® – Levelling up!
Increase your tribal bellydance repertoire by adding unique variations and challenging combos. These moves are a progression from GC Tribal Steps, let’s step up the pace, drill hard, transition smoothly between moves to create some Tribal magic!

Gypsy Swing
Jazzy style tribal steps and combos that will make your feet sing! Add a little vintage charm and swing it!

Zill Wizard
Create some magic with those fingers! Learn Zill patterns, technique and history ….adding duets for an amazing workshop of musicality and dance

Circles and Serpentines
From the beginning of bellydance history women have been honouring their bodies with circles and snakelike movements. Embrace the goddess with in with these beautiful GCTB® undulating moves and combos, earthy feminine steps.

˜ Tribal Geometry
Get creative with some fabulous GCTB® and Nina inspired formations. Let’s build and shape our circles and lines . Learn the beauty of sacred geometry, let your body flow, feel the ritual within the dance.

˜ Manton Madness
The beauty and grace of the Spanish shawl, creates passion, inspires hearts. Incorporating elegant GCTB steps you will fall in love with this beautiful workshop.

The Gatherer
Combining the ritual of baskets: the gathering of feminine energy, women’s ancient meanings, circles and ethnic moves.

Green Goddess
Honour the earth and sky…. Reach tall, send your roots down deep.
Heavy hips, circles in circles, offerings to the goddess for the modern woman.

The Indian Gypsy
Mystery and joy, spice and colour fill this Indian inspired workshop! Devotional and playful fusion and GCTB steps……made into Tribal combos for improvised dancing. Let your inner Gypsy loose!

Siren Skirts
This workshop offers a tempting array of skirt steps, swooshes and formations……a seduction of colour and movement!

Turkish Delight
Drawing on the delightful variations of the Turkish GCTB and Nina steps, circles and lines. A sweet confection of drilling and dance!

Arabic Nights
Highlighting the beauty of the undulating body, an intense workshop focusing on the Arabic step and variations.

Workshops can be chosen from 3 levels, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
They are designed for a 2hr sessions, or a mix of smaller workshops in a 3hr session.

If you are after a more intimate, Goddess Circle workshop, perfect for birthdays or parties, please email me and ill send you an info pack.

Please contact me: nina@gypsyrain.com.au for bookings